The Luxury of an Uninterrupted Phone Call


A while ago, a good friend of mine was talking about the fact that she could not have a phone conversation of any length with anyone.  Ever.  She was too busy, too crazy, too exhausted.  At the time, I thought that statement was somewhat dramatic.  I mean honestly.  No time for a phone call?  Come on!

However, it dawned on me today that she had a point.

I have been playing phone tag with my dearest friend lately.  She lives out of town and it just seems that our schedules are not lining up at all.  So after several texts back and forth and a few voicemail messages, we decided to have a chat this morning.  I was just getting into the conversation and FINALLY telling her about my new job when…

“Mommy … I need some juice!” said Lindsay. my 5 year old.

“Hey Mom … where’s Dad?” asked Allison, my 7 year old.

“Mommy!  Allison won’t share!”

“I wanna go outside!”

“She’s looking at me!”

Sigh.  Why is it that the only time that my kids really want to talk to me is whenI am talking to someone else?  The more I think about it, the harder it is to find a time when I am not too frantic, late, distracted or exhausted to focus on a real conversation.  Yet, I have friendships that I want (and frankly need) to maintain.  I ended up making an appointment to finish our conversation tomorrow night, after the kids are in bed.  I will probably be exhausted but friendship is worth it.  Thank god for patient friends and also for texting.  Especially if the kids don’t see me typing, because then surely they won’t want to talk to me at all ;-).

Do you have this problem? Or is it just me?|


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